My Feeding Charts

Here you will find my feeding charts, for schedules, when I feed and how much I feed and with what I feed with. This is for watering dialy in coco. 

This is for watering daily in coco. The measurements are per gallon of water. You can use these for soil, but I recommend watering with water every other watering or third watering and only water after the soil has dried. Coco is different. Water every day. 

Water with nutrients every day. Do not treat coco like soil. Water until you have a little runoff. Start with small amounts of water, then work up to more as the plant gets larger. 


If using R/O water, you will need to use PH up. PH AFTER you add nutrients. 

A few more things before you get started. They are important. Watch your plants. The tips are important. If you follow my growing style and use one of my feeding charts, and then if you notice the tips of your leaves look burnt, back off how much you are feeding them. If you are feeding, say 3mL and for some odd reason you see burn tips, then back off to 2mL per gallon. This goes for all stages of growing. 

I use Perfect Nutrients now. Check them out here. They are made in the USA with very pure minerals, so they do not add (Na) salt to your plants or feeding lines. I water with nutrients 3 times a dayt with a drip system for about 5 seconds, all but for the first feeding, the drip system is set to 20 seconds, or however long is necessary for me to see run off every day.

Switch to 10ml of A and B during late veg


Perfect Nutrients Feeding Chart